Satchit is a singer/songwriter from Croydon, South London creating music that is a fusion of contemporary R&B with Indian musical elements.

He spent his university career with the hugely successful a cappella group, Semi-Toned, which performed and toured internationally at many prestigious events. As a part of this group he had the privilege of performing at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival each year, touring the East Coast of the USA twice, for the Rugby World Cup and performing on BBC Radio Devon, amongst many other big events.


After completing his degree, he launched himself back into music through the production and recording of his first EP, Glass, which is an introspective look at one’s own emotions and the products of those emotions.


R&B and elements of Indian music inspire the style of music that he writes in. His background in music, which is reflected in his songs, stems from training in Carnatic singing from a young age, as well as influences from a range of artists, from Frank Ocean and Ne-Yo to Ilayaraaja and AR Rahman.


His debut music video for the first single off his upcoming EP, Hearts Move, reflects his interpretations of his culture and the relationships we cultivate.


"In today’s world, artistic expressions with cultural roots in South Asia are only just beginning to gain recognition. I believe that what I’m creating will help push this rich culture in front of the public eye, not only for British Asians and ethnic minorities within the UK but beyond that and into mainstream media."



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